🍒Feelin' Fruity🍉

It's time to channel your inner Carmen Miranda - we're feeling fruity this summer, and so is the high street...

Dip your toe

Fruit prints are a holiday hero - this cossie comes in watermelon print too, but I quite enjoy this spiky pineapple one.

Sweet like cherry pie, this easy breezy vest is a cute take on a polka dot and will make a great layer under a linen or suede jacket this summer for a nod to the trend. 


Accessories are an easy way to have fun with this look, and while last season these statement bags were the preserve of the designer, some stores on the high street have done them really well for summer. Matalan also have this one in a lovely half-lemon too!

We all opt for florals on a dark background because it slims us down, but this summer, swap it for a zestier take with this lemon wrap dress. It's almost Dolce & Gabbana - but you'll have enough left for a pina colada after!

go all out

This dress is an all out fruit salad, but has a really flattering shape that'll look amazing at any summer barbecue - and at that price, you won't mind if you get a little ketchup down you...


Rather than keeping your fruity print to an under layer, why not stick it on top? This vintage inspired jacket is a really cool alternative to yet another cherry print dress, and is sure to see you stand out. 

Natasha Daniels