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Our Daily Thread is a digital fashion publication and community for UK women who want their clothes to make them feel good.

Combining the know-how of experienced stylists and fashion editors, the ease of shoppable editorial content and the power of data science, our expert team creates content that empowers UK women to feel at home in the fashion world.

 We're helping them make confident clothing choices, and to find and develop their own personal style - wherever they live and whatever their budget. 

Our survey says...

We asked 1000 women in our target audience how they felt about the current fashion media landscape.



of respondents said they felt that fashion magazines no longer fitted the purpose of ‘shopping guides’, with responses ranging from ‘out of touch with the online shopping market’ due to print schedules, to ‘make me feel bad about myself’



100% of respondents who identified as being ‘non- standard’ in their clothing choices – i.e plus size, modestly dressed, petite and those with disabilities – said that the fashion media either does not cater to their requirements or patronises them



reported they found bloggers to be ‘too aspirational’ and ‘too airbrushed’, with feedback on their unattainability and ‘big egos’



of respondents who identified as being ‘standard’ in their clothing choices said that they no longer felt the fashion media worked positively for them

We're changing the game.

We've created a platform that works with the current online shopping and social awareness landscape, not against it.

We're turning fashion media from something that makes you feel bad about yourself, to something that makes you feel good.

We put the reader first, not the advertiser.

We've built an online magazine and email platform that caters for real women.

  • Brand new edits every single day - affordable, flattering and hand-curated by a team of stylists. We're their very own personal shopper, whatever their budget.

  • Instantly shoppable - our readers can click and buy anything they see – no hunting, no searching, no waiting lists or sold out signs.

  • Everything's available across the country – that means no London-only posts and no in-store only products from one-off boutiques. From John O'Groats to Lands End, we gotchu. 

  • We talk to our community like our friends - not consumers – sharing the low-down on the things they really want to know. Will it flatter, does it come up big or small, will that fabric need loads of ironing? We tell 'em, so they can make informed decisions that suit their lifestyle.

Come join the party.

We can help you reach a new audience of women that have been resistant to fashion media for a loooooong time.

Whether you'd like a shout out in our email newsletter, a curated edit that resonates with your brand values, or something revolutionary - we'll help you speak to a whole new sector of women.

Since we launched in June 2018, we've got...


email subscribers, with a 41% open rate


monthly unique website visitors, with over 50% returning

About ODT & Natasha

I wanted to launch Our Daily Thread as a love letter of sorts to fashion - there's an unrequited relationship I've had with clothes since I was a kid, when I loved them... but they didn't always love me! I've worked in the industry for a decade now, and always felt uncomfortable with the lack of diversity in the fashion press and how people who can't afford head-to-toe Gucci are somehow less worthy of partaking in what is essentially just... clothes. When I was growing up, I couldn't afford designer - and wouldn't have fit into sample sizes anyway - but that was all I saw. The high street is where most of us shop, it's my one true love... and I hope Our Daily Thread will bring the same level of love and devotion to the high street as glossy magazines bring to designers.

Natasha Daniels

Our Daily Thread is currently part of Ignite, the UK's best accelerator scheme. Finance and investment are certainly nothing I had any experience with, nor is becoming a 'digital entrepreneur' - I kind of fell into it accidentally. Truth be told, I started this website after a particularly crappy day at work, while sat in my pyjamas eating Hula Hoops and watching a YouTube video on how to build a website (it was terrible!). That was a year ago now. I'm so proud to have built it into something that's not only my full-time job and passion, but that is giving voices to women I've wanted to empower for a long time.

Following on from my seed funding from Ignite, we're now in the process of raising series A funding, meaning we can take the message that what we all wear is important to an even bigger audience. 

I love hearing thoughts from people who love it, hate it, or just plain don't get it, so drop me a line!

Natasha x

Editor, Natasha Daniels