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You know when you spot someone in the street in something and you just think 'I must have that' but then chicken out of asking the person where they got it from because they just look a bit too cool to share their secret? That was how I discovered RIXO. I spied a girl in Notting Hill in the most perfect dress that I assumed was vintage, and was hunting something similar down on the internet until I realised - *cue angels singing* - that it was not vintage. I COULD BUY IT. Launched in 2015 by best pals Henrietta & Orlagh, the brand creates vintage-inspired, sexy-yet-simple dresses with patterns that once you know, you'll spot a mile off. Wearing one is like joining a really, really, ridiculously good-looking cult - the knowing nods from all the other RIXObsessives (I just coined that, perhaps needs some work) make every penny worth it. Plus they feel bloody amazing. I got the low-down from the team themselves to see just how it feels to be the coolest kids on the block.


Who’s your dream customer? 

Anyone that is comfortable in their own skin and true to herself - though we would obviously love iconic Brit girls such as Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Georgia May Jagger rockin' RIXO! 

What’s your favourite piece from the collection? 

From our new AW17 collection, the Cindy Wrap dress is a show-stopper though we would have to say either our classic Camellia dress or Moss blouse - it's the two styles that everyone should have in their wardrobe!

What inspired you to start the brand? 

We have always been inspired by vintage and everything that it encapsulates - the clothes, music, movies, icons etc and as soon as we met at university, we clicked over our love of it! We then felt there was a gap in the market for an honest brand offering authentic and quality products that were different and unique to anything on the high street, all at a good price point. We also wanted to create clothes to fill gaps that were missing in our wardrobe – what is missing, what are we wearing and where are we wearing that too?

What five words sum up your brand? 

Confident, fun, feminine, unique, 'vintage-inspired' (that's one word, right?!)

Where does the name come from? 

It's from Henrietta's last name 'RIX' and the 'O' from Orlagh's first name. 

What have you got in the pipeline?

 We have swimwear coming in our SS18 collection (launching November 2017) but would love to expand our range and go into knitwear for AW18. Aside working the last 7 months on our brand new website, we will be expanding our team and moving into an office space (which is a daunting task considering we've been working from our humble 'studio'/living room from the start) but we're so excited to see where it all goes! 

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