Studio by Preen at Debenhams is Every Stylish Woman's (Affordable) Secret

Designer collabs are all over the high street, and while this one isn't particularly new, I kept noticing women in their clothes and thinking how fabulous they all looked. The latest collection is perfect for that late-summer into early-autumn feel that'll layer up well when it gets a bit cooler. 

Keeping the beautiful detailing of Preen's main (mega-expensive) line, but built into shapes that suit a wider range of body shapes, they're absolutely drop dead gorgeous and all about £50. Not pocket change, sure, but they look so expensive, you'll have everyone wondering where you found it.

And if they feel a bit out-there in these snaps, ignore the trendy styling - just go for a plain accessories, think a simple pair of heels or a pair of sleek sandals for something less fashion and more style. 

These are my three favourite bits...