H&M pledge to make their sizes right


I love H&M, but their sizing doesn't half make buying anything from there difficult. I've been everything from a 6 to a 16 in there, and I have never ever found a pair of jeans in there that will fit over my bum. So this news came as an absolute JOY this morning...

We are taking the steps to change our womenswear measurements to be in line with UK sizing.
— H&M

Hallelujah! There's no news yet as to when it'll roll out, but fingers crossed it'll be before their Christmas party dresses start to roll in... 

The sizes that we use today haven't changed much since the 50s, when a man named WFF Kelmsley created them. And while there have been calls to add some form of standardisation across retailers, there's actually nothing stopping a brand sizing their clothes in whatever way they like. 

According to textiles expert Dr Vikki Haffenden from the University of Brighton, if they updated the system to be comprehensive in 2018, we'd need at least 50 sizes to deal with all the various bum/boob situations seen across women in the UK - which, to be fair, seems a bit excessive. That said, the concept of sizing clothes in shops at all is actually pretty new - before we mass produced clothes, people were much more likely to adjust them themselves or take them to a tailor. 

Until we get the body scanning, bespoke suit technology that surely someone is working on, maybe getting sizes that are actually what they say on the label will do.