Laura Bailey & Sheherazade Goldsmith

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Getting a locket is often a rite of passage - usually, it's the first piece of jewellery you're given, and whether it's engraved or filled with something just for you, it's something so intimately personal that it becomes more than just a slither of gold. 

It was this relationship with lockets that inspired environmentalist and columist Sheherazade Goldsmith and supermodel Laura Bailey to create their own spin on the timeless classic - Loquet London.

Launched in 2013, the pair wanted to bring a contemporary approach to this age-old idea of a keepsake locket. With a crystal face designed to open and be filled with charms, birthstones and unique detailing that makes it a bespoke 'love letter coded in charms'. The brand now has rings, bracelets and earrings, too - but it's the signature loquets that you'll be dreaming of. 

I spoke to the fabulous founding pair to see just what made them want to create their own brand.


Who's your dream Loquet customer? 

LB & SG: It has to be Cate Blanchett. A woman's woman. 

What five words sum up your brand?

LB & SG: Original, poetic, playful, imaginative, personal. 

What’s your favourite piece from the collection? 

LB: I've always loved the classic heart locket.

SG: It has to be the diamond black gold revolving loquet.

What inspired you to start the brand?

LB: Friendship, storytelling, memories, romance. 

SG: It was a piece of jewellery that I wanted to wear and didn’t exist.