Pink - a four letter word


Having spent the best part of the last decade in dresses and drainpipe denim, I'm trying this thing where I wear - shock horror - different types of trousers. I've bought a few pairs of straight-legged jeans and striped trousers and vivid block colour flares, but one trend was really just not doing it for me... coloured denim.

I am old enough to have lived through nu-rave - and to have worked at Topshop at the time - which means to me, coloured denim screams Klaxons, bright red super-skinnies and awkward, asymmetric lego hairdos. Myths of the Near Future aside, most of that era needs to stay firmly put (please, god, say it doesn't ever make a comeback), so investing in a pair of rainbow-hued denim was an absolute no-no for me. 


That was until I found this pink pair that were about as far from nu-rave as it could get. A soft, dusky rose shade with a proper straight leg in a thick denim, and high rise on the back so they'd fit over my derriere (low-rise jeans are an absolute no-no for me) and - praise the lord - pair with all the black things I already owned. Keep your Supreme - these were my grail piece, and they were less than £40. 

I wish I had sized up with them, though - they fit pretty tight around the crotch and aren't the comfiest (I made the error of eating a roast dinner in them, forgetting my days of stretch denim were long gone...). That being said, they're really cool jeans that look great with anything you throw at them - band tshirts, silk button-ups, bardot tops... This look is one of my faves, though, as it's just so easy. Slingbacks, plain blouse and a velvet bag for a spot of texture. Et voila! Go-anywhere garms. 

Jeans - ASOS, belt - ASOS, shirt - H&M,  bag - Gucci, shoes - Mango