What To Wear On A Hangover (To Look Like You're Not Hungover)


For once in my life, I didn't actually wake up this bank holiday Monday with a steaming hangover. That's not me humblebragging here, I felt like crap (impending tonsillitis) so swapped my usual bourbon blend for, um, a diet Coke. 

However it did make me realise that usually when I'm hungover (and for that matter, sick), I just grab whatever's closest and hope nobody stands within 5 metres of me (whisky sweat is naaaasty and the clothes are usually previously worn and collected from my considerable floordrobe). So, one of my new resolutions - I find making them just in January doesn't work because my resolve is the worst when the weather is crap - is to sort out some outfits that'll work whether I'm in a booze-haze or not. I'm 26 now, walking round in my fleecey leopard pyjamas all day just won't cut it any more... even if I do love them dearly. 


And here's my first shot at some semblance of put-togetherness. These ASOS trousers are silky smooth and elasticated on the waist, as well as flatteringly vertically striped to balance out the bloat. The knit is a super soft one from DKNY that's crisply white enough to scream CLEAN even when I feel like I need my insides jetwashing out. And the trainers are comfy enough that I don't have to consider them - please, do not fall into the trap of trying to pretend you're not hungover so wearing vertiginous heels. You will fall over. Or at least feel like you will. Avoid vodka vertigo and stick to trainers. 

I wore this outfit today to organise my wardrobe - and despite rifling through everything I own, I still didn't want to take it off. I think I've finally found the winning recipe.

The trousers sold out in red, navy & white but they're still online in blue & white! Buy 'em at ASOS. Jumper, DKNY (half price!). Trainers, Superga.