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Ever since ManRepeller started the arm party, jewellery has been all about the stack - one is never enough. Dainty chains layered over each other have a prettier, more timeless effect than hench Mr T chains and 'statement necklaces' (remember the bib necklace? Shudder), and jewellery has emerged from a 'save for best' status, becoming a must-wear, every day. It's lucky then, that a host of new jewellery brands have appeared of late, providing both new and vintage gems that tick the casual, carefree box that older (and often more expensive!) brands had sewn up. One such brand, and one of my favourites, is Buckle Bow Pearl. Specialising in both vintage and new-but-vintage-inspired jewellery, their range of delicate pieces are the perfect pieces to get that bohemian, easy-going aesthetic.

Buckle Bow Pearl

Who’s your dream customer?

I would probably say Alexa Chung, just because her style is so in line with how we see our jewellery best styled. She has a real appreciation for vintage style. 

What five words sum up your brand?

Special, unique, simple, elegant, personal. 

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I think the vintage pieces always hold such a special place for me because we only stock one of each. I love that myself as a consumer, having something totally unique. 

What inspired you to start the brand?

I wanted to create a place people could come to shop for really beautiful jewellery online. I wanted it to have a feel of walking down a street with many boutiques, and capturing that feeling when you find a new small brand or a vintage treasure.

What have you got in the pipeline?

A few new brands will be joining us in the coming months and lots more vintage stock in the next few weeks.

Where does the name come from?

I named the business after my family name Buckle. Bow is for the beautiful monochrome packaging we use and Pearl is because we are totally obsessed with pearl jewellery - both old and new.

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