Spice Up Ya Halloween


I. Love. Halloween. It's no secret. Last year I made a giant tarantula out of bin liners and installed it as lovingly as though it were an entry to the Turner Prize in the corner of my living room. The year before that I went as a lobster, complete with giant foam head and claws. 

This year, though, work has kind of taken over and my usual fortnight build up to my favourite day of the year kind of waned a little... but that didn't mean I didn't want to go all out for my costume. 

Despite a previous career as a face painter at Alton Towers (I did it for about 3 months. I hated every second. All I got to do was Spiderman face paint for Stag Dos from Stoke), I am actually quite wildly allergic to the stuff, so my options are always limited to things that avoid any of the *amazing* Instagram works of face-art that come around this time of year... luckily, my friends aren't, so I get to do theirs instead!

The scariest thing of all this year (this side of the pond at least) has to be Brexit. And my favourite Spice Girl happened to have worn a full-on Brexit get-up way back when in 1997. Geri Halliwell's Brit Awards outfit shaped my entire view of womanhood - she had boobs and a bum and wore a tiny dress and was unashamedly sexy, and unashamedly powerful. So, I decided to tie the two together to make the scariest thing of all - A Brexit-inspired Power Woman. 

I got these amazing thigh-high red velvet boots from, believe it or not, Everything Five Pounds, and the black sequin version of Geri's infamous dress from eBay, and the whole thing cost me less than £20. The boots were surprisingly comfortable thanks to a fat platform heel, and the dress was actually not *totally* tacky and sweaty. I topped it off with some big hoops, 90s lipliner and those weird two strands of hair everyone seems to have had between '94 and '99. It was easy, it was cheap, it was fun and most importantly... GERI HALLIWELL LIKED MY INSTAGRAM PHOTO. 

PS... If you love Halloween as much as I do, there's a post coming tomorrow of ALL MY FAVE THINGS - from Halloween-y booze, to pumpkin oils and some truly terrifying teatowels (kind of).

Here's some snaps, mainly so I can show off my face painting skills.