The fashion landscape today is changing at the hands of small bands of women who are coming together to create cool, interesting things that have long been unavailable in a sea of sameness across the high street. One such collective is ROI - created by three fashion industry peers, Nicole Comis, Keryn Dizon and Maggi Mittleman have created a range of sexy, edgy clothes that keep the practicality of androgyny and inject it with a little feminine va-va-voom... I asked them the Spotlight question to get the scoop on the hottest fashion trio since Destiny's Child... 


Who’s your dream customer?

The ROI woman does it all. She is career driven, family focused, loves to travel and is well versed in the arts. She works hard and appreciates the finer things in life.

What five words sum up your brand?

  • Sexy

  • Sophisticated

  • Modern

  • Chic

  • Effortless

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

The Cowl Back Mock Neck Sweater

What inspired you to start the brand?

Founding Principals, Nicole Comis, Keryn Dizon and Maggi Mittleman combined their vast knowledge and expertise in the many facets of the fashion industry; showroom sales, design, and retail sales & buying, and discovered that there was something missing in the market.  Buyers, customers and fashion lovers alike could never seem to have enough refined, feminine, well-designed and affordable tops, and the Founders agreed.  They knew they had something unique to offer, and ROI was born. The name ROI, meaning 'king' in French, was taken from a story in an issue of French Vogue entitled, Le Roi Rouge.

ROI is available at Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Revolve