Freya Dalsjo

Scandi style has been THE THING for aeons (or at least, a few seasons, which is practically the same thing), but it's developing from the knitwear-and-leather jacket thing we fell in love with to something softer and more intricate. Leading the charge of truly northern soul is Freya Dalsjo, so I caught up with her to see just what makes her tick. 


Who’s your dream customer? 

Tilda Swinton

What five words sum up your brand?

modern luxury for global clients

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

The trenchcoat is my favourite piece and shape. It is modern yet timeless. Creating garments for me is always about statement, counter statement, creating harmony and breaking it again and so on until you have a good balance. I wanted it to refer to the iconic yet a bit dusty feeling of the trenchcoat, while the construction makes it more bold and modern. 

What inspired you to start the brand? 

I grew up in Denmark but studied in Antwerp. I wanted to start up a high end fashion label with Scandinavian/Antwerp roots and aesthetic, as no-one else was doing anything similar. Scandinavia is known for mid-market design and pricing and not high end quality fabrics and bold tailoring, so that was my opportunity. 

What have you got in the pipeline?

I am working on a presentation in collaboration with an artist and a VR show of my SS18 collection at an amazing spot in Copenhagen during Copenhagen Fashion Week, then I have another collaboration in the works for Berlin Art Week. And then I will go to the Faroe Islands for a CSR project on developing materials out of leftover products from fish production which will be quite exciting to work on as well!

Find out more about Freya here