Quinoa hair is here! Pulp Riot launches in the UK ♻️


Bright hair colours have been a huge trend for years now, but the recent trends of stained-glass and shadow hair originated in one place - California. And where do all the LA ladies go for their vivid, shiny manes? Pulp Riot.

Founded by David & Alexis Thurston at the Butterfly Loft salon, their range of hair products and colours is now available in salons in the UK - with every single product in the line being natural, vegan, gluten- and cruelty-free.

Every single product, from the 16 semi-permanent colours to toners and developers, is created and tested by hairstylists in salon first
— Alexis Thurston

Pulp Riot’s products actually consist of a quinoa base, which provides protein and moisture to bleached, dyed hair. This also means as hair fades, it keeps a shade that you’d actually want.

Available in UK salons and on their website, you can now get that Katy Perry-bright California Gurl mane wherever you are.

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