Zebedee Management collaborates with the #RadicalBeautyProject

Downs Syndrome Model Shoot.jpg

The Radical Beauty Project, a Down Syndrome-only beauty project that aims to change preconceptions and challenge our societal beauty norms by inviting top fashion photographers to shoot DS models, has launched a collaboration with Zebedee Management, the world’s only DS-focussed modelling agency.

Zebedee Management’s models have graced campaigns for River Island, Mercedes and Benefit, as well as appeared on the cover of Grazia.

With Zebedee’s help, they are determined to bring the fashion world up-to-date and be represented as equals, and rightly so. That’s why we are absolutely delighted that our diverse models have been asked to take part in so many wonderful campaigns worldwide.

At Zebedee Management, we share the same vision and strive for designers and luxury brands to include diverse models, from the designing process all the way to representation in the media and on the runway. We have some major brands booking our models repeatedly and are now seen as one if not the leading agency in representing talent with disabilities, differences and additional needs.
— Zoe Proctor, Zebedee Management

It’s an incredible campaign and we’re thrilled to bring you the images from the shoot here.

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