& Other Stories Launches (excellent) (affordable!) Haircare

Always dreamt of LA waves... but are closer to Coventry than California? Everyone's favourite shortcut to looking like one of those Insta-cool babes, & Other Stories has expanded its beautiful range of clothes and beauty to finally include haircare. 


A slight departure from their usual roots of Scandi-trendy, the Swedish sister company of H&M partnered with LA-based celebrity stylist Kylee Heath to create the range - she's the epitome of Cali cool, born and raised there with a Hollywood-honed career dedicated to that beachy, easy-breezy vibe that everyone there seems to have. 

And despite it's A-list pedigree, everything in the collection costs less than £15 and has been specially developed to be suitable on all hair types - including chemically-treated and coloured hair. 

We drew a lot of inspiration from life in LA and looked at what type of hair care that will transcend from a day at the beach to work to a night out
— Frida Fagerholm, Head of Beauty at & Other Stories

This resulted in three ranges: Restore (also referred to as Malibu Canyon), a nourishing collection to promote healthy, shiny, and smooth hair; Universal (aka Venice Blvd.), a line that can be used anytime by anyone; and Fullness (Melrose Heights), a volumising set to give you some extra oomph for a big night out.

I gave them a go over the weekend to see what all the fuss was about (and because my hair seems to be on a permanent mission to ruin my day and I thought they might be able to help - seriously, is it just me who's hair gets PMS?!). 

While the products do work absolutely brilliantly, it's actually the smell that blew me away. They are hands down the most delectable-smelling hair products I have ever used - and the scent stuck around, giving me wafts of loveliness all day long.

Turns out there is a reason for this - just like they have on their perfumes and body products, & Other Stories worked with world-renowned perfumer (and the genius behind Byredo's gorgeous - and eye-wateringly expensive - scents) Jérome Epinette to create three unique fragrances to go with each of the categories.

  • The Fullness range has a much richer, deeper scent - meant to embody the glitz and glam of Hollywood nightlife
  • The Restore line has a clean and refreshing fragrance with hints of coconut and jojoba oil, two major ingredients
  • The Universal collection is light and sweet, a summery scent that'll take you back to those heady sun-drenched days we had a few weeks ago (even if the weather isn't playing ball)

I have dry, frizzy hair and an itchy scalp - and I have tried a lot of (often pretty expensive) solutions that have failed miserably.

First off I used the Restore Scalp Scrub (£12) to clear out any grime (yes, mum, I wash my hair - but living in the middle of a sweaty city and using whatever shampoo I pick up at the supermarket on offer means you get build up). It felt so good, like someone else was scrubbing at my scalp even though it was just me, myself and I in the bathroom. It left my head feeling clean, which was a weird feeling, but it just felt so much better than when I did my usual scrub'n'rinse. 

Then I tried the Restore Intensive Mask (£12), which I was hoping could restore some shine to my barnet that has sadly been lacking since I had a disastrous hair experience at a salon a few months ago. For £12 though, I wasn't expecting miracles - and yet, I kinda got a little one. It didn't last forever, of course, but for the next couple of days I had a definitely gleam that I hadn't got before. I'm going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and I've picked one up to rinse with the day before so I've got super-shiny locks.

Finally, I added the Universal Blowout Lotion (£12) to my usual drying routine (a.k.a absentmindedly blow-drying while watching Netflix). Because I get arm-ache doing the 'only blow-dry from the roots' thing that every beauty blogger tells you to do, I have resigned myself to a life of roughed-up hair cuticles - but this lotion reversed all of my laziness. Of the three products, this is the one I'd recommend the most. I used to have something like this but it was so expensive, this one at £12 blew me away (excuse the pun). 

ODT verdict on &OS? Go forth and make scented waves.