Beauty Bakerie Breaks the Mould

Beauty Bakerie's mission is to be better not bitter in the face of adversity, a sentiment I can't help but adore. And while it was founded by a hero of mine - Cashmere Nicole - trained nurse, single mother, breast cancer survivor, founder of a $5million beauty brand and all-round hero (even Beyonce has a page on her website about her. Actual Beyonce), their latest release has shown a subtle break in the way we've been conditioned to see beauty. 

beauty bakerie.jpg

See this photo of their new Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation. Notice anything... unusual about the numbers above? That's right, Beauty Bakerie are the first beauty brand to start their numbering darkest first. 

Not only is it certified vegan, it provides medium to full coverage that won't budge, or clog your pores - and is available in 30 shades.

We arranged them dark to light. It means we’ve been conditioned to think that dark to light is out of order.
— Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie

If that wasn't enough... look at the delicious box it comes in. 😱

Beauty Bakerie.jpg
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