Glossier is becoming more inclusive

Mid-level, online beauty brands are all the rage at the moment, and Glossier is arguably the daddy of them all. Since they launched in the UK last year, every beauty lover worth their primer has been toting around the pink bubble-wrap bags that Glossier products get delivered in like they're Chanel handbags (I use mine to store clip-on earrings...). 

Their customer service has also been second to none, as seen when a mix-up with their Lash Slick mascara (which is excellent, btw) saw it labelled as vegan when it actually isn't - and they refunded everyone who had bought it before they'd even received it. 

One of their best-sellers is the Perfecting Skin Tint, a sheer & breathable super-light foundation that leaves you with a dewy finish. That said, it wasn't really in the same realm as other current cult beauty favourites (a.k.a Fenty Beauty) in terms of shade offering. It currently comes in five shades - light, medium, dark, deep, and rich. As a porcelain-skinned ghost woman, I found the light to be too dark, and when I asked around of friends with different skin tones, they'd also had the same problem - five just isn't enough to cover everyone!

Looks like they've heard our prayers, though - as part of a press release sent out about the reformulation of Perfecting Skin Tint (it's getting even better, apparently), they also said... 

"Inclusivity is one of our core values at Glossier, and we want everyone to experience our products. We’re currently making more Perfecting Skin Tint shades and plan to launch them within the next year."

Pink bubble wrap bags for everyone!