Crayola Beauty has *finally* launched

For stationery nerds like me, getting a fresh new pack of Crayolas (pencils, wax ones, felt tips - I ain't fussy) still brings me the same joy as it did when I was 7. 

But thanks to ASOS, they're about to level up - Crayola Beauty has arrived in the UK. 

58 pieces, 95 shades ranging from standard reds, pinks and oranges all the way through to metallics, vivid blues and greens and stark monochromes.

There's face crayons that can be used on the eyes, lips & face, as well as chubby highlighters, colour changing lipsticks, bright mascaras, eyeshadow palettes - and a brush kit that comes in a pencil case (natch). 

It starts at £9 for a face crayon and goes up to £25 for the brush kit - I have the Safari set of 3 crayons - the khaki green is a great low-key eye colour, and the warm, autumn tones of the others are great lip colours (plus the set is only £18, so you're kind of getting one for free). I also got a Rose coloured one which is perfect for a bit of colour in your cheeks, and the highlighter in Shimmering Blush. I was worried they'd be a bit novelty, but they are richly pigmented, come in a huge array of colours that'll work for everyone, and will last for ages. Thumbs up.