Freckle Tattoos are now a *thing* thanks to Meghan Markle

Meghan's impact on fashion is clear to see as sales of high neck dresses and black court shoes both skyrocketed after she was seen in them - but she's also rocking the beauty industry, too. 

There's been a trend of faking them with eye and lip liner for a few seasons now, thanks to the youthful glow they give - but it's stepped up a notch lately thanks to Meghan's embrace of her natural freckles.

meghan markle freckles tattoo.jpg
While it is a lovely idea, in reality, unless you’ve desperately wanted freckles for a while and have already trialled what they would look like with make-up, it’s probably not a good idea to have them tattooed on.
— Tracie Giles, permanent cosmetics expert

She recommends practising with soft brown eyeshadows, and to “try wearing freckles for a long period of time and consistently, just to see how they feel about them”. 

“Understandably, Meghan's look is being requested quite a lot in the clinic now, given the fact she managed to go for such a natural make-up look with beautiful skin on her wedding day and she actually embraced her freckles, whereas so many people try to conceal them,” Giles says.

The verdict? Probably one it's best to fake.