The truth behind the Love Island tan with Olivia Buckland

If you're a fake tan pro then look away now. There's nothing here for you. However, if, like me, you've somehow dodged fake tan all the way through to 2017, then your prayers have been answered.

There are some things I know lots about: Kanye West's back catalogue. Beyonce's tour costumes. Linguistics. And some I don't: Astrophysics. Love Island. Fake Tanning. So when I was asked if I could round up my top fake tan tips (yes, by someone who has never met me, no need to giggle - I know I look like a newborn fish), it was time to bring in the experts to teach me - and all the other tan dodgers - how to do it. 

Love Island has become a phenomenon, and Olivia Buckland has become one of the most recognisable faces - and tans - of the lot. So who better to get these golden nuggets of info from than the lady herself? Time to shine, Liv  - may your golden hue light the way for me toward being a bronzed beach babe.

  1. First things first, you always need to exfoliate to ensure you get a decent cover. I use a body scrub, but exfoliating is the most important part, however you do it!
  2. Then - time to moisturise. Use an oil-free version on your feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands to ensure your tan doesn't go patchy. 
  3. Next up, you're going to need to apply the tan. The cardinal rule - always use a tanning mitt! That would be a real rookie mistake, nobody wants stained hands - that's not a good look. 
  4. I use the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Mousse, but depending on the shade you want, you should vary the amount of time you wait -one, two or even three hours if you want a deep, dark hue. 
  5. Top it all off with a dry body oil. The Kardashian's swear by it, as it adds shimmer and an illuminating glow to your tan. If it's good enough for them!

Olivia is the new face of Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter tan